Lake Craters

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One crater holds a deep lake; one used to, billions of years ago. This pair of artworks captures Crater Lake (in Oregon, USA) and Jezero Crater (on Mars, landing site of the Perseverance rover), using laser-cut contours.

Each piece is hand-built from laser-cut pieces, and uses fully-dyed paperboard for each layer to ensure strong color durability. They come as a set; they cannot be bought individually. Note that due to the hand-built nature, each piece may vary slightly.

Framing: Each artwork is a 6x6 inch piece in an 8x8 inch black wooden frame. They'll fit with the included backing board into any 8x8 frame (with glass removed), or can be re-mounted if required to fit larger frames - we're happy to help with this.

Limited Run: These take a lot of time to make and so we limit the number of orders we take. If they are sold out, feel free to shoot us an email at and we'll be able to give you an estimate of when we'll have more availability, and let you know when they're back.