Tranquility Base

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Back in 1969, the Eagle made history as it landed on the surface of the Moon, carrying Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin as part of Apollo 11.

They were aiming for the relative safety of the Sea of Tranquility (Mare Tranquillitatis), and after the computer almost sent them into a crater, touched down safely on the 20th July, 1969 - and named their location Tranquility Base.

We've captured the larger area around the landing site, approximately 30km x 30km, in this 6x6 inch piece, so you can truly get an appreciation for the rough, barren landscape that makes up our Moon.

Framing: This comes in a 8x8 inch black wood frame that will either stand freely, or can be hung on a wall. If you'd like to frame it yourself, you can take it out with its backing board and place it into any 8x8 frame where the glass is removable, or re-mount it into a new backing board for a larger frame - we're happy to help with this if you ask.