Small 3D printer

Have a capable 3D printer just raring to go? Want to avoid shipping costs and are happy to do the finishing work yourself? Then why not use our print-at-home service, where we prepare the 3D models for you to print and enjoy on your own 3D printer!

We're happy to prepare .stl files for you for any area where we can get data, and size them for your 3D printer, for a small fee. We're also happy to help with tips and advice on getting the best out of your 3D printer (we have quite a few ourselves).

If you're interested, contact us at mentioning the location you want to print at home and the printer you'll be using, and we'll be more than happy to help!

3D Printer Tips

Note that printing artwork of this detail level is difficult for any 3D printer, and without special preparation based on the type you have, it can be frustrating to get a good result. 

There are two kinds of printers you might use:

  • FDM printers (take reels of plastic filament and melt it into shape)
  • SLA printers (takes liquid resin and cures it using a screen)

FDM printers are far cheaper and safer to use in the home, but they tend to have a minimum detail size they can go down to; on these printers, you can expect to see the layers and not get many of the small details.

SLA printers are more difficult and messy, but have a much higher resolution; we use these for most of our artwork prints. However, their downside is a relatively small print area, meaning that you may have to print out something in lots of small tiles and carefully assemble it, with more visible seams.

Either is suitable for trying at home, and we're happy to help you with a choice of materials/resins and approaches based on your exact printer model.

And, if you happen to have a more exciting 3D printer (e.g. SLS) to hand... we can cater for those too!