Resin Colors

Our city models come in two main colors, dictated by the resins we use to make them: grey and white.

The grey color provides fantastic highlighting of fine detail and makes a bold statement in its frame. It's great if you want to have a piece that you want to be able to wander up to and observe every tiny detail and really appreciate the scales involved.

The white color is the ivory-like "classic" color that we first started making models like this with, and is an excellent choice for a clean, minimalist look. The white does hide a little of the fine detail, but it looks fantastic when exposed to acute lighting or when grouped with others like it.

If you're going to be placing the piece in partial or direct sunlight, we recommend grey over white; the white color can suffer some UV degradation over time and turn slightly more yellow.

We can also do custom colors within a limited range if requested; see our Custom Artwork page for more information about ordering a custom piece. Blues, greens, reds, different shades of grey, and even some translucent colors are possible.