Starting Up

Starting Up

People have been telling me for ages "hey, the things you make look nice, can I buy one?", and for many years the answer has sadly been no. Making something as a one-off after a few attempts is very different from making things to sell on - plus, I was never quite happy enough with the quality.

Now, that's changed. I've refined the tools and techniques to make things, and we have a proper space to run things out of. And so, here we are - Scaled Industries is up, running, and ready to make things. Our focus will still primarily be on big, one-off builds, but it's nice to have things that are more readily available for everyone to buy.

And on that note, the first regular product line is what we're calling "Urban Cores". They're six-by-six inch (15x15 cm) miniatures of famous city centers - our initial set covers Chicago, Denver, London, New York, and San Francisco.

They bring the best of the giant city maps I've worked on in the past - the extreme level of building detail - into a form that's not ridiculously expensive to produce and is a lot easier to both ship and to find a nice place to display. They're still not as cheap as we'd like - the materials and work required sadly don't help that - but hopefully we can get them down there in time.

New cities, more areas of these first cities, and bigger versions will be on the way soon, once we've grappled with the data to work out what looks good. If there's a particular city or place you'd like to see, poke us about it on social media or send us an email about it!

- Andrew